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Entry #3

Right-Click Generator V2

2012-05-16 22:30:14 by Wikkiski

I updated my old right-click menu generator with fun little medals so I could see how the API stuff works. That is all.


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2012-05-31 02:52:30

How do you get the second secret medal? Between The Top Separator and Check me out. Please PM me the answer. Thank you.


2013-02-27 02:57:31

Hello! Been messing around with the program for a while, attaining all the medals, but the second to last secret one seems impossible to attain. I heard through the forums that it might have been broken in an update, is it so? If so, could it be fixed? Seems to be the same one Doctor Strongbad is talking about. I'm fixated by medals. ;)

A reply would be appreciated so I know you read this. Thanks for a great gadget otherwise!


2014-08-11 05:08:28

I'm shocked 2 (allegedly) upstanding Newgrounders would ask for hints this way! I hope you're finding fame and fortune doing what you love, wherever you are! (I had no problems getting any of the medals, and really wish more programmers would use this!) Thank you for contributing to order!